Our pizza combines the robust flavors and age-old pizza-making artistry mastered in Naples, Italy with the kindness and hospitality of the Deep South.

Anthony’s is the first APN certified restaurant in Mississippi. Our pizzaiuoli’s have been trained by the world’s best pizzaiuoli and President of APN, Roberto Caporuscio. That means we’re the real deal. Learn about Roberto and his organization here.

You will come to expect very distinctive characteristics from our pizzas. They are soft, foldable with our signature blackened char spots, and they’re so good you’re going to want more. Our pizzas are crafted from first-rate, simple and fresh ingredients: wheat flour dough, San Marzano tomatoes, basil, and freshly made mozzarella cheese—all fired and baked in about 90 seconds at around 900°F of perfection in our traditional, wood-burning oven! When we’re not able to use imported ingredients from the old country we search for the absolute best and highest quality products right here in the good old U.S. of A.



Vince rapisarda

Anthony’s is the culinary culmination of three diverse gourmets of distinctly complementary tastes: Vince Rapisarda, his daughter Danielle Rapisarda, and Ken Midkiff.

Vince fell in amore with the art of pizza making (and the delight of pizza eating) at the age of thirteen. A vacation to Italy with all the tastes and aromas of the Old Country cemented his future—Vince would become a professional purveyor of pizza. Anthony’s is named in honor of Vince’s beloved older brother.

danielle rapisarda

Danielle entered the restaurateur arena after traversing the United States and admiring all the various food cultures that exist in this great big melting pot, especially that of the gastronomic mecca of Chicago.




Ken Midkiff

Ken’s affection for the flavors of Naples, et al. came from a six-month military assignment to the Mediterranean. There, the undeniable allure of fresh dough, olives, tomatoes, mozzarella, spices…grabbed him by the palate and never let go.

Vince, Danielle and Ken offer you a warm southern welcome to Anthony’s and hope you enjoy all the deliciousness of Southern Italy.